Using SpeechBox in a Zoom Video Conference

With all of us practicing social distancing due to COVID-19, speech therapists and other professionals are no longer able to hold in-person sessions with their students/clients. So, we’ve evaluated all of the common platforms to find the best way to … Read More

How to use SpeechBox Sticker Scenes

This tutorial will show you how to use SpeechBox Stickers, a super fun feature new with v2.3.4. The Sticker Scene creator. What are Stickers? Stickers are rewards in SpeechBox. As one practices with the app, they will earn them. They … Read More

Canceling a SpeechBox Subscription

While we’d love you to stay a part of the SpeechBox family, we understand that SpeechBox may not be for everyone and you’ll need to cancel your active subscription or trial. Before you do so, please reach out to us … Read More

iOS 6 Tip: Lock children out of exiting an app on iPad / iPhone

Being a iPad/iPhone developer, I am often asked these questions: “How do you stop your kids from accidentally changing settings on your iPad” or “How can I use an iPad exclusively for AAC?” and even “My child left the game … Read More