SpeechBox™ was designed and developed by a father of a three year old with Childhood Apraxia of Speech, who also happens to be an Apple iOS & Mac developer. After using a variety of other apps to work with his child he realized there was a need for a simple, easy to use, and customizable app to practice words with his child.

The goal of SpeechBox™ was simple. Make a simple, engaging, easy to use, customizable app that any parent, educator or speech therapist can use to work with a child with Apraxia of Speech, Autism, Down’s Syndrome, and other speech language difficulties.

SpeechBox is available on the Apple App Store and is one of the most versatile and fun apps for children with special needs.

Awards & Recognitions:

Recipient of the Best App Ever Award, Special Needs Category 2012
Peachy Speech Top Speech Therapy App of 2012
Top 100 Grossing Education App in US App Store
Top 100 Grossing Education App in Canada App Store
Top 10 Education App in Ireland App Store
Top Pick App, Smart Apps 4 Kids
5-Star App, The iMums

Huge thanks to Cynthia James, M.A. CCC-SLP, Nicole Gerber M.A. CCC-SLP, and Dala, M.A. CCC-SLP (Testy yet trying Blogger) for providing valuable feedback for SpeechBox.