Every review SpeechBox has received to date (In no particular order):

Small But Kinda Mighty: ‘Recommended for Parents/SLP’s’ ‘Extremely easy and intuitive to use’ ‘Images are gorgeous’ http://bit.ly/YRmTEP (w/ Video)

Jake’s Journey (Apraxia): http://bit.ly/WXk8Va (w/ Video)

The iMums: http://bit.ly/WYjUt0 “5 Stars” “Highly Recommended” “Favorite Articulation App”

SmartApps4Kids: http://bit.ly/VqKBEj – 4.5 Stars! & Rated a Top Pick!

Jenna @ Speech Room News: http://bit.ly/14AQWUC (Loves Customization!)

AppAbledhttp://bit.ly/14FZYPd – “absolutely fantastic” “very customizable” “5 stars”

Chris Fedor Review: http://bit.ly/XSHcQl

First impressions from Testy Yet Trying Blogger: http://bit.ly/XXEjMn

Peachy Speech: http://bit.ly/WrypTb – 5 out of 5 Stars! (Peachy Speech also named SpeechBox a Top Speech Therapy App of 2012! http://bit.ly/12d8A11)

Apraxia Mom: http://bit.ly/WzReUx

Ricki Block’s Review: http://bit.ly/Zco0N8 (Middle of page)

Jeremy Legaspi’s Reviewhttp://bit.ly/11cxBGe

[title size=”4″]Videos[/title]

Video by Deanne of Small But Kinda Mighty (Circle of Mom’s Top Blog 2012). Click here to read the review.[clear]