SpeechBox™ is an Award Winning iOS and Mac app designed to work with Children with Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS), Autism, Down’s Syndrome, and other Speech Language disorders. Parents, Educators, Speech Therapists, etc. can work with Children and practice speaking simple words in a beautiful interface with engaging colorful pictures.

Within moments of opening the app you can get started practicing words. There are no complex menus to navigate through before being presented with the pictures. You simply tap on a box, and it displays it’s contents. Selecting a picture is as easy as moving around the pictures and tapping on the one you wish to view. When you are done with the picture you can swipe to remove it from the box or pinch it to put it back in the box.

Not only can you work with over 1,500 beautiful retina quality pictures, but you can add your own pictures using the device’s camera or photo library. You can easily add pictures of friends, family and other common objects the child can practice with.

With our Data Collection feature, you can now track the progress of your students with ease. Simply swipe the photo away and it will track “Correct”, “Incorrect”, “Approximate” or “Prompted” based on the direction swiped. The collected data can be exported to a professional PDF or spreadsheet for further analysis.

In addition, it’s easy to use SpeechBox with Zoom or Google Meet for tele-therapy. Check out our article on using SpeechBox with Zoom, or our video tutorial for Google Meet.

Recently added Features

  • Now available as a Mac Desktop app
  • Earn Sticker rewards & create Sticker Scenes!
  • Data Collection with Report Generation
  • Monthly new Boxes: i.e. “Astronomy” & “New Year’s”
  • Support for iPhone X, iPad Pro, and iOS 13+


  • Over 1,500 beautiful high-quality colorful pictures
  • Add your own pictures from Photos or Bing Image Search
  • Add custom Boxes (categories)
  • Share Boxes with Friends & Others
  • Professionally recorded word prompts
  • Record custom word prompts
  • Create notes for each word
  • Male and Female voice prompts (US, British & Australian English)
  • Simple, engaging, easy to use interface
  • Show / Hide unused pictures
  • Parental lock option (hides buttons)
  • Sort Boxes via Drag and Dropping

SpeechBox is available on the Apple App Store for iOS and Mac!