Using Data Collection in SpeechBox app

In this video, you’ll learn how to use the multi-user Data Collection feature of the SpeechBox app for iOS/Mac.

Tour and overview of SpeechBox app’s features and benefits

In this video, you’ll get a broad overview and tour of the SpeechBox app for Speech Therapy word and phrase practice. This app is available for iOS and Mac.

Adding students/patients to SpeechBox for Data Collection

A quick tutorial on adding students/patients to the SpeechBox Articulation app for iOS/Mac. Adding a student or patient is the first step in setting up multi-user Data Collection.

Adding content to SpeechBox using the Box Depot

How to add more content to the SpeechBox app by downloading Boxes from the Box Depot. You’ll find thousands of words and phrases across dozens of Boxes to download in the Box Depot.

Sharing custom Boxes with other users of SpeechBox

In this video, you’ll learn how to share custom Boxes you’ve made in the SpeechBox app with other SpeechBox users.

Backup and restoring custom Boxes/Data in SpeechBox

How to add backup and restore Boxes in the SpeechBox app. In this video, you’ll learn how to ensure your custom Boxes are saved to the cloud, so you can easily backup and restore them when needed.

Recording custom audio prompts in SpeechBox

How to record and use custom audio prompts in the SpeechBox app for Speech Therapy Articulation practice.

Adding custom photos/words to SpeechBox

In this video, you’ll learn how to add custom photos to the SpeechBox articulation app for iOS/Mac.

How to use SpeechBox Settings

How to use the many different settings of the SpeechBox app for speech therapy word/phrase practice. You’ll learn how to utilize the many settings to customize your experience.

What’s new in SpeechBox v3.0.1

tldr; We’ve fixed bugs, added rotation, and made it easier to try out. We added support for portrait orientation! Fixes issue with birthdate entry for students (macOS version). Fixes issue with free trial of ‘/p/ Sounds’ box – now use … Read More