How to use SpeechBox Sticker Scenes

This tutorial will show you how to use SpeechBox Stickers, a super fun feature new with v2.3.4.

The Sticker Scene creator.

What are Stickers?

Stickers are rewards in SpeechBox. As one practices with the app, they will earn them. They are unpredictable, which makes users more motivated and engaged. Stickers can then be used within a Box or in the Scene creator. There’s well over a dozen possible achievements as of this writing, and we have plans to add lots more. Note: Stickers is included with the Professional subscription. To update your Subscription, open up Settings and tap “Manage Subscription”. New users receive a 30-day FREE trial.

How to get started

Setup Data Collection

Data Collection is required because Stickers are earned for each user of the app (aka “Client”). To setup Data Collection, open up Settings by tapping the “gear” icon on the main screen or inside a box. Then flip the switch for “Data Collection”.

Enabling Data Collection from main screen.

Add a Client

Once Data Collection is enabled, you’ll need to add a Client. A Client is the person who you are collecting data for. There are two ways to add a Client. The first way is from a prompt that is shown after enabling Data Collection for the first time. The second is by opening a Box and accessing the Data Collection menu there. Open up any Box and tap on the “chart” icon. Then tap on the “Add Client” button at the bottom of the menu. Fill in the details and save.

Adding a Client from within a Box.

Congrats! You’re now ready to start earning Stickers!

How to earn your first Stickers

As with any variable reward system, we made the first one easy to obtain. To get your first pack of Stickers, simply practice any Box with all its photos. Once you’ve emptied the Box, you’ll earn the “Underwater Adventure” Sticker pack (If you didn’t get the notice shown below, review setup again.). There are over a dozen additional Sticker packs one can earn. Some examples are: Prince & Princesses, Airplanes, Dinosaurs, Fairy Tales, and Robots!

Earning first set of Stickers by completing any Box.

Where to use them

You can use the earned Stickers in two places. First is to decorate any Box. Open up a Box of your choice and tap on the Client’s profile image or initials to bring up the Stickers menu. Then tap and hold on a Sticker for a brief moment then drag to the Box. The Sticker can be moved around by dragging, resized with pinching, and rotated with two fingers. You’ll have lots of fun!

Decorating a box with Stickers. Use gestures to resize, rotate, and move them around.

The second is with the Sticker Scenes creator. Tap on the Sticker icon found on the main screen to open. It will open to the last used Client’s workspace. Next, select a background by tapping on the “picture” icon and tapping on any available background. Next, start adding Stickers by tapping on the “sticker” icon. Tap, hold and drag some Stickers to create a fun scene. You can then save and share your creation by tapping on the “download” icon.

Creating a fun picture with the Sticker Scene creator.

That’s it!

We’ve enjoyed building SpeechBox Stickers. It’ll provide new opportunities to practice speech and give kiddos a boost of motivation. Please let us know what you think by contacting us. We’d love to hear your feedback.

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