Introducing SpeechBox

SpeechBox™ is an Award Winning iOS and Mac app designed to work with Children with Apraxia of Speech, Autism, Down’s Syndrome, and other Speech Language disorders. Parents, Educators, Speech Therapists, etc. can work with Children and practice speaking simple words in a beautiful interface with engaging colorful pictures.

Within moments of opening the app you can get started practicing. There are no complex menus to navigate through before being presented with the pictures. You simply tap on a box, and it displays it’s contents. Selecting a picture is as moving around the pictures and tapping on the one you wish to view. When you are done with the picture you can swipe to remove it from the box or pinch it to put it back in the box.

Not only can you work with over 1,500 beautiful retina quality pictures, but you can add your own pictures using the camera or photo library. Now you can add pictures of friends, family and other common objects the child can practice with.

Introducing SpeechBox for Mac Desktop! The same app you love on iOS is now available as a macOS app. It’s great for tele therapy, working with clients, students, or relatives over video conferencing. Check out a video tutorial here.

Fun Sticker Rewards & Scenes! As you use SpeechBox, you’ll earn colorful Stickers that you can create fun scenes with! We have over a dozen sticker sets you can earn and we will add more on a frequent basis. Some categories are: Monsters, Robots, Superheroes, Fairy Tales. You can access the Scene creator from the main screen by tapping on the “sticker” icon (under the “info” button). You can also add Stickers to Boxes for some fun! Tap on the Photo or Initials icon when a Box is open to access the Stickers. NOTE: You will need Data Collection enabled. You can do this by tapping on the “settings” button.

Powerful Multi-User Data Collection! We bring you the simplest, most powerful data collection available. You can manage multiple students with ease. Group sessions? Not a problem! Changing between students is a simple tap. To collect the responses swipe the photo to select “Correct”, “Incorrect”, “Approximate” or “Prompted” based on the direction you swipe. We’ve made it difficult for the student to identify the score received by not making it obvious like other products do. After collection is complete, you can export the data in a beautiful PDF or a spreadsheet for further analysis. Multiple devices? No problem – all the data is stored securely in the cloud and can be shared across all your devices.

  • Over 1,400 high-quality photos
  • Data Collection with Report generation
  • Add your own pictures
  • Add custom Boxes
  • Parental lock option
  • Share custom boxes
  • Record custom voice prompts
  • US/UK/AUS Voice Prompts
  • Supports iPhone, iPad and Mac Desktop


/p/ Sounds Box Preview

Using SpeechBox Mac with Google Meet video conferencing

iPad App Preview

iPhone App Preview


“I work with a range of ages, from Early Intervention through developmentally challenged students in high school. And I must say, it has become one of my ‘go to’ tools for many of the children in my practice. I highly recommend it.” – Cynthia James, M.A. CCC-SLP, Midland Park, NJ

“I was able to pick up the app and instantly use it to drill my little girl on all three /k/ sets.  SpeechBox worked beautifully and exactly as intended.  She enjoyed the pictures and interface.  It is the only speech therapy app I have found to be that useful with my daughter. Best speech therapy app I’ve laid hands on so far.”Dala, M.A., CCC-SLP (Testy yet trying Blogger, Author)

“Students with Apraxia require such repetitive practice in order to learn the motor movements for speech, making it very important to select words that kids will practically use throughout their day. SpeechBox has done just that. With beautiful pictures and a very thoughtful approach to selecting target words, SpeechBox is able to go beyond your typical articulation app in meeting the needs of children with diverse speech challenges.”Katherine Kelley, M.A., CCC-SLP (Tech SLP Blogger)

“I have reviewed many apps and have tons and tons of apps on our iPad. Simply put, this app is my all time favorite!!! Hands down, I love it! And I cannot thank iPhone-and-iPad-app-developer-Dad (who also has a child with a speech and language disorder) for designing an app like this!”Apraxia Mom Blogger (Click to view the full Review)

“SpeechBox is a user-friendly app containing high resolution photos for practicing 20 articulation sounds and 10 categories. [I]t is a FABULOUS value and highly recommended. I like the fact that you can add your own boxes too. I create CV, CVCV, and ACTION boxes within minutes utilizing the extensive picture inventory in this app. I like the option of making my own recordings for increasing phrase length as well. Format is unique – when a box is opened, all the pictures load on the page . Child and/or adult can move pics around and tap the pic. I love the simplicity of this app – it’s self- explanatory. My students liked tapping on the picture, imitating the word and swiping the picture off the screen.”Ricki Block, MS, CCC-SLP (Click to view the full Review)