What’s new in v2.3.4

tldr; We added Sticker Scenes and TWO new Boxes.

Introducing Stickers!

Now, as you use SpeechBox, you’ll earn Stickers that you can create fun scenes with! We have over a dozen sticker sets you can earn and we will add more on a frequent basis. Some categories are: Monsters, Robots, Superheroes, Fairy Tales. You can access the Scene creator from the main screen by tapping on the “sticker” icon (under the “info” button). You can also add Stickers to Boxes for some fun! Tap on the Photo or Initials icon when a Box is open to access the Stickers. NOTE: You will need Data Collection enabled. You can do this by tapping on the “settings” button. Learn how to use Stickers here.

Boxes of the Month (December)!

We added Astronomy and New Year’s Boxes. Find them in the Box Depot by tapping “Get More Boxes”.

Note: Monthly new Boxes & Stickers are included with the Pro subscription. All new users get a 30-day FREE trial. You can upgrade your existing subscription by visiting “settings” and tap on “Manage Subscription” button.

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