SLP of 30 Years’ Testimonial of SpeechBox

SpeechBox is an incredible app. The uses for this will be endless! No more boxes to carry from building to building full of pictures…heavy boxes which can be dropped! I will have a an easy to carry tool of hundreds of pictures for categories, concepts, articulation, asking questions, describing and so much more! And no more worry about materials specific to a certain age group! I can use this app with all of my students!

[I]’m so glad I saw your ad and info on a4cwsn.com. It is so wonderful! My students loved it. One group helped me make a new box called “action words” and they took turns using their good speech to record the actions for some of them. Another group practiced their /r/’s. Really impressed with this app!! 

I’ve been practicing for over 30 years and I know good materials when I see them.

– Nanette M. Bess, MA/CCC SLP-ATP

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