Feedback from a SLP in Tennessee

Here’s an email we received from a SLP in Loudon County, TN:

“My name is D. Howe M.ED CCC-SLP. I’m an SLP working in Loudon County, TN. I purchased Speechbox about 3 weeks ago….I love the app because I have customized about 8 boxes for students that I work with. I use it for 2 students with apraxia who need work with bisyllabic and multisyllabic words. I also have made several boxes for phonology students needing work on eliminating final consonant deletion. One of my boxes is for a student with initial consonant deletion. Anyway, your pictures have enabled me to customize boxes for these students based on their needs. I haven’t yet uploaded any custom pictures  but I’ll be sure to try that in the near future. Thank you so much for this app because unlike Articulation Station (which is my favorite artic app) this enables me to customize for my individual students! Well done!!!!!!”

Thanks to Ms. Howe for sending this to us!

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