Children brawl over their turn with SpeechBox

We received an email from a Mom who’s two kiddos with Apraxia of Speech were in a slump and lacking motivation to practice their speech. She was desperate for a way to try to get her kids to enjoy speech therapy again. So she decided to try out SpeechBox for her iPad and we asked that she write a little review of how it worked out for her, good or bad. Well, we’re pleased to announce it went well, and were really surprised to learn her children would actually fight over who’s turn it was to practice! So without further delay, here’s the review by Chris Fedor in it’s entirety:

Both my kids have come a long way with their speech, but continue to need to target specific sounds and blends.  When my daughter’s therapy started focusing on /r/, I searched for apps to target that sound but never found one that I thought would work for us. SpeechBox has more images to work on this sound than I ever imagined (92!).  Another thing I love is that it’s great I can display all images for a specific sound or I can choose to focus on initial, medial or final sounds.

The things I like about SpeechBox:

  1. The instructions are simple and easy to understand.
  2. It’s easy for a parent to use; sounds are sorted by boxes.
  3. Easy to hide images you don’t want to use. (And your changes are saved! You don’t have to select/de-select images each time you want to use the app.)
  4. There is a picture count at the bottom of the screen so you know how many images there are for specific sounds.
  5. After the child is done with a specific image, you can keep it in the box or swipe the picture to remove it from the box until you reset the box.  This is my son’s favorite feature – he loves to swipe the picture away.
  6. You can choose male or female voice prompts.
  7. You can add your own box and/or images and record custom voice prompts.

Really, look how simple the menu is!

And once you go into a box…(the pictures are great!)

I have to admit I own speech apps that cost considerably more than this one, but I find this one much easier to use and a lot more fun for my kids.  Since we started to use SpeechBox three weeks ago my kids have been excited about speech practice at home-they even fight for their turn to use it!  I have to give a big thank you to the developer for making an app that’s so easy to use and gotten my kids motivated to practice again!

Note: I was provided with a promotional code by the developer for this app. I was under no obligation to write this review and received no compensation.

Thank again to Chris Fedor for sending this to us!

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