Ricki Block’s Review of SpeechBox

Ricki Block loved SpeechBox and gave us this fabulous review:

SpeechBox is a user-friendly app containing high resolution photos for practicing 20 articulation sounds and 10 categories. !!!) At $19.99 it is a FABULOUS value and highly recommended. I like the fact that you can add your own boxes too. I create CV, CVCV, and ACTION boxes within minutes utilizing the extensive picture inventory in this app. I like the option of making my own recordings for increasing phrase length as well. Back arrow button is readily visible, and it’s easy to add a new scene and change pictures, although the boxes can’t be moved. Format is unique – when a box is opened, all the pictures load on the page . Child and/or adult can move pics around and tap the pic. I like that the pic gets larger when you press on it. I would like to be able to put pics in a “pocket” if I am not using them for targeted session. I love the simplicity of this app – it’s self- explanatory. I like the fact that you can lock the screen if needed. My students liked tapping on the picture, imitating the word and swiping the picture off the screen. They learned to swipe the picture quickly. This app offers an extensive selection of beautiful pictures and even though there is not a data collection component, data can easily be collected by the Speech Therapist. Developer is the father of a child with apraxia and has hands on experience with tasks provided by his Speech Pathologist. He welcomes suggestions and is working on the updated version! It may be more costly, so at $19.99 it’s well worth it.

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