First impressions from Testy yet trying blogger

Right before the launch of SpeechBox, we sent a preview version over to Dala, M.A. CCC-SLP, the SLP / Mother / Author behind Testy yet trying‘s amazing blog on Apraxia. These are some excerpts from the email we received back after she gave it a whirl:

“SpeechBox’s aesthetics are beautiful.  The app feels very polished and is a pleasure to use from a visual standpoint. You’ve done a great job of choosing words appropriate for working with more severe populations. I am genuinely very impressed with both the content and form of SpeechBox.”

“I very much like the ability to custom make boxes and pictures.  I also very much like being able to pull up the list on the left and deselect specific words I don’t want in the set.” 

“As a rather ‘type A’ SLP I did not like the look of the scattered pictures in the box when I first saw it. Then my kids tried it. They absolutely loved digging around in the box for pictures.  The fact that some are hidden maintains their interest much more than a grid approach. It is also really visually appealing once you get used to it.”

“I was able to pick up the app and instantly use it to drill my little girl on all three /k/ sets.  The program worked beautifully and exactly as intended.  She enjoyed the pictures and interface.  It is the only speech therapy app I have found to be that useful with my daughter.”

 “Best Speech Therapy app I’ve laid hands on so far.”

Pretty amazing comments, right? We’re excited too. Time to get started on more updates for SpeechBox!

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