What’s new in SpeechBox v3.0.1

tldr; We’ve fixed bugs, added rotation, and made it easier to try out. We added support for portrait orientation! Fixes issue with birthdate entry for students (macOS version). Fixes issue with free trial of ‘/p/ Sounds’ box – now use … Read More

What’s new in SpeechBox v3.0

tldr; Lots of bug fixes. Lots and lots of bug fixes! Too many to list out. We also squashed the ‘no pictures’ in boxes after upgrading.

SpeechBox “/p/ Sounds” Preview Video

If you’re curious about SpeechBox, check out this “/p/ Sounds Box” video preview. You’ll see how you can navigate from photo to photo and practice each word. The /p/ Sounds Box is one of over fifty Boxes available on SpeechBox. … Read More

Introducing the first Speech Therapy app for Mac Desktop

Introducing the first Speech Therapy app for Mac Desktop, SpeechBox! Perfect for remote Speech Therapy sessions over any meeting platform like Google Meet, Zoom or Skype! You’ll have access to over 1,500 words across nearly 50 categories to work with. … Read More

Using SpeechBox in a Zoom Video Conference

With all of us practicing social distancing due to COVID-19, speech therapists and other professionals are no longer able to hold in-person sessions with their students/clients. So, we’ve evaluated all of the common platforms to find the best way to … Read More

What’s new in v2.3.5

tldr; We’ve added Sign-in with Apple (iOS 13+ only). About Sign-in with Apple We understand that not everyone has a Google or Facebook account to sign-in to SpeechBox with. So, we’ve added Apple’s new sign-in method that uses the Apple … Read More

What’s new in v2.3.4

tldr; We added Sticker Scenes and TWO new Boxes. Introducing Stickers! Now, as you use SpeechBox, you’ll earn Stickers that you can create fun scenes with! We have over a dozen sticker sets you can earn and we will add … Read More

We’re making a pricing change.

SpeechBox Friends & Family, I’m pleased to update you on some changes ahead for SpeechBox. Over the past five years we’ve been working hard to develop SpeechBox into a powerful, award winning app for speech language therapy. We want to … Read More

Introducing the SpeechBox App Box Store!

Introducing the SpeechBox App Box Store! After many, many months of development, The Box Store for SpeechBox has arrived in version 1.2 which is now available for download in the App Store. The Box Store features over 20 Boxes (and … Read More

SpeechBox iPhone & iPad Edition Summer’s Here Giveaway!

School’s out and Summer’s upon us, so we thought it would be a great idea to run a Giveaway of SpeechBox! We’ve setup a rafflecopter for ONE copy of the SpeechBox iPad Edition – a $19.99 value and ONE copy … Read More